70 kV, 10 W X-ray Monoblock

The M237 x-ray monoblock is a fully integrated 70 kV, 10 W x-ray generator designed specifically to be used as component of a handheld, portable, or bench-top x-ray instrument. The source includes a miniature sealed x-ray tube with a transmission-type end window, a high voltage power supply, and control electronics contained in a compact grounded enclosure.


  • Optimized for x-ray imaging and high energy XRF applications
  • Compact, lightweight design – ideal for portable and bench-top instruments
  • Low power consumption – compatible with battery operation
  • Integrated design – no high voltage cables
  • Fully machined metal enclosure – precision mounting and alignment
  • Patented X-ray Omnishield™ – fully self-shielded with lightweight radiation shielding
  • Wide cone angle – 110 degree full width standard x-ray cone angle
  • Technical Overview

    Tube type: Metal-ceramic
    Tube voltage*: 35 kV – 70 kV
    Tube current: 5 – 200 μA
    Tube power: 10 watts maximum
    Cathode type: Tungsten filament
    X-ray window: Beryllium
    Target type: Transmission
    Standard target: Au
    Optional targets Ag, Rh, W
    Depth to focal spot: 2.4 mm
    X-ray cone angle: 110°
    Input voltage: 11 VDC
    HV polarity: Grounded anode
    HV stability: < 0.1%
    Electrical insulation: Silicone potting
    Radiation shielding: Self-shielded (except output window)
    Operating temp (case): -10 °C to 60 °C
    Storage temp: -25 °C to 85 °C
    Cooling: Air cooled
    Ambient humidity: 30 to 90% (non-condensing)
    Weight: < 700 g
    *Custom voltage ranges available (from 15 kV to 80 kV).