Our Standard 50 kV, 4 W X-ray Sources M25 & M54



  • Compact, lightweight design– ideal for handheld  and portable instruments
  • Low power consumption – compatible with battery operation
  • Integrated design – no high voltage cables
  • Fully machined metal enclosure- precision mounting and alignment
  • Patented X-ray Omnishield™ – 360 degree lightweight radiation shielding
  • Wide cone angle – 110 degree full width standard x-ray cone angle
  • Available with threaded adapter for collimated applications


Technical Overview

Tube type: Metal-ceramic
Tube voltage: 5 kV – 50 kV
Tube current: 0-200 μA
Tube power: 4 watts maximum
Cathode type: Tungsten filament
X-ray window: Be, 125 μm
Target type: Transmission
Available targets: Au, Ag, Rh, W
Depth to focal spot: 2.4 mm
X-ray cone angle: 110°