Our Standard 70 kV, 10 W X-ray Sources – M237

XRF Materials Analysis
Alloy and metal sorting
ROHS and ELV compliance
Environmental analysis
Forensic science
Mining and geology
Art and archeology
Coating thickness
Lead detection
Quality Control
Precious metal verification
X-ray Imaging
Medical, dental
Security & contraband

70 kV, 10 W X-ray Monoblock

The M237 x-ray monoblock is a fully integrated 70 kV, 10 W x-ray generator designed specifically to be used as component of a handheld, portable, or bench-top x-ray instrument. The source includes a miniature sealed x-ray tube with a transmission-type end window, a high voltage power supply, and control electronics contained in a compact grounded enclosure.


  • Optimized for x-ray imaging and high energy XRF applications
  • Compact, lightweight design – ideal for portable and bench-top instruments
  • Low power consumption – compatible with battery operation
  • Integrated design – no high voltage cables
  • Fully machined metal enclosure – precision mounting and alignment
  • Patented X-ray Omnishield™ – fully self-shielded with lightweight radiation shielding
  • Wide cone angle – 110 degree full width standard x-ray cone angle


Technical Overview
Tube type: Metal-ceramic
Tube voltage*: 35 kV – 70 kV
Tube current: 5 – 200 μA
Tube power: 10 watts maximum
Cathode type: Tungsten filament
X-ray window: Beryllium
Target type: Transmission
Standard target: Au
Optional targets Ag, Rh, W
Depth to focal spot: 2.4 mm
viewdatasheet X-ray cone angle: 110°
Input voltage: 11 VDC
HV polarity: Grounded anode
HV stability: < 0.1%
Electrical insulation: Silicone potting
Radiation shielding: Self-shielded (except output window)
Operating temp (case): -10 °C to 60 °C
Storage temp: -25 °C to 85 °C
Cooling: Air cooled
Ambient humidity: 30 to 90% (non-condensing)
Weight: < 700 g
*Custom voltage ranges available (from 15 kV to 80 kV).