Company History

NSI was founded in 1994 to develop and supply custom particle accelerators, radiation sources, and high voltage systems. During our early years we developed our core technologies: high voltage electronics and charged particle beam production, transport and target systems. We applied these core technologies to a range of cutting-edge industrial and medical applications, including medical radioisotope production, biomedical accelerator mass spectrometry, high energy ion implantation, micro-beams for materials analysis, and x-ray and neutron sources for medical and industrial uses. Outgrowths of these technologies led to the development of two product lines in the early 2000s: miniature x-ray sources for analytical instruments, and very high voltage power supplies for ion implantation. Today NSI is a major supplier of miniature x-ray sources for handheld, portable and benchtop x-ray instruments. We also continue to supply very high voltage power supplies to manufacturers of semiconductor equipment. In 2010, NSI was acquired by Rigaku Corporation, a world leader in the field of x-ray analytical and industrial instrumentation. With over 1,000 employees and operations in Japan, the US, Europe and China, Rigaku has expanded NSI’s global and technological horizons.